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Training Resources

This section contains the training materials available for the iStar system.

The materials are grouped according to type of information (e.g., user manuals, web-based tutorials...) and not designated by relevant audience. This page serves as an index of all available materials.

iStar Training site (Sandbox)

To assist in the training of new users of the iStar system, a duplicate "sandbox" site has been prepared.  This second site is not an official site and may be used for demonstration or trial purposes.  Once you have obtained your official iStar account, you are also allowed to log in to the training or "sandbox" site.

Experiment within the "sandbox" site as much as you like.  However, please note that the "sandbox", or training site is not the official iStar site. Any studies or submission prepared on the training site will not be accepted and cannot be moved to the official site.  In addition, the training site will periodically be cleaned, and practice studies may be erased.

User Manuals

User manuals are provided for the main user roles assigned in the iStar system. User guides for other iStar roles will be developed soon. You can download Adobe Reader for free here.
PDF User Guide for Investigators and Study Personnel
Instruction manual for investigators, research coordinators, and study staff. Details the creation and modifications of IRB submissions.
Version: 1.2
Date: April 17, 2007
Application Questions and Guidance

A listing of all the application questions for the various forms are present below. Each page will list the questions in order with links to the relevant guidance sections. Please note, the application screens are driven by Smart Form logic. This means, not all screens and questions are required. Only the questions applicable to your specific study need to be filled out.
Study Application 
Application form for a new study proposal or grant
Exempt Study Application 
Application form for a new study proposal meeting the requirements for exempt review
Coded Specimens/Data Study Application 
Application form for a new study meeting the requirments for coded specimens/data (not human subjects research) review
Reportable Event Application 
Application form for adverse events, data safety monitoring reports, and protocol deviations of approved studies
Amendment Application 
Application form for proposed amendments to approved studies
Continuing Review Application 
Application form for continuing review of approved studies
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Frequently Asked Questions section, or FAQ, lists common questions users have and their answers.  The FAQ will be updated as needed to include new questions as they are asked.  Please consult the FAQ to see if your question has already been asked before calling the Help Desk.

  • The Frequently Asked Questions page can be found here.


Instructional Videos

Short demonstrations to help orient or train users on particular functions in iStar or of use to iStar related activities.
Main iStar application videos (NEW) 
Demonstrates complex sections of the application for Full Board / Expedited research. A glossary of ISTAR terms is also provided.
Created Date:  12/19/2013 4:18 PM  
Help Desk

A Help Desk is planned to be operational starting one month before wave 1 rollout, currently targeted for January 2005. The help desk will be staffed during normal business hours, allowing you to call in with any technical problems you are having. The help desk troubleshooter will be able to view the system, diagnose the problem, and walk you through the fix. The troubleshooter will also log all issues to create a FAQ, or frequently asked questions, section for the site as well as identify any issues that need further development. During non-business hours, when the help desk is not staffed, you may send email to the help desk email account and your email will be answered within one business day.

  • The current contact information can be found under "Help Desk" on the Contacts Page.
Miscellaneous Guides

This area includes (non iStar related) guidance materials for researchers.
PDF CITI Login Instructions for CHLA Researchers
Version:  0.01
Last Modified:  12/22/2009 1:09 PM
Workshop Classes

Instructional classes for the iStar system will be scheduled on an as needed basis. Our hope is to make the pervious instructional methods versatile and informative enough that computer classroom instructional sessions are not frequently necessary. However, we understand that classroom settings are better learning conditions for some people and will evaluate the need for the workshop classes by posting a signup sheet on the website. When enough people have expressed interest, we will schedule and coordinate a class. Please consult the upcoming events for a listing of scheduled classes.

  • To see a list of upcoming classes, click here.
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