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iStar Technical Support   |   (323) 276-2238   |   istar@usc.edu

This section contains the training materials available for the iStar system.

The materials are grouped according to type of information (e.g., user manuals, web-based tutorials...) and not designated by relevant audience. This page serves as an index of all available materials.

iStar Training site (Sandbox)

To assist in the training of new users of the iStar system, a duplicate "sandbox" site has been prepared.  This second site is not an official site and may be used for demonstration or trial purposes.  Once you have obtained your official iStar account, you are also allowed to log in to the training or "sandbox" site.

Experiment within the "sandbox" site as much as you like.  However, please note that the "sandbox", or training site is not the official iStar site. Any studies or submission prepared on the training site will not be accepted and cannot be moved to the official site.  In addition, the training site will periodically be cleaned, and practice studies may be erased.

Reference Guides

OPRS Instructions for CITI and iStar Website
USC IACUC iStar PI Reference Guide Website
USC IBC iStar PI Reference Guide Website
Instructional Videos

Short demonstrations to help orient or train users on particular functions in iStar or of use to iStar related activities.
Main iStar application videos (NEW) 
Demonstrates complex sections of the application for Full Board / Expedited research. A glossary of ISTAR terms is also provided.
Created Date:  12/19/2013 4:18 PM  
Miscellaneous Guides

This area includes (non iStar related) guidance materials for researchers.
PDF CITI Login Instructions for CHLA Researchers
Version:  0.01
Last Modified:  12/22/2009 1:09 PM
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